Bidding Methods, auctions in Lebanon

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There are several ways of participating in an auction sale. You can be on-site during the auction, or even unavailable, you still can participate in our auction sales. Here are several ways for bidding:

We host auctions several times a year, whether in our premises in Beirut, Horch tabet, Sin el Fil, Naoum Labaki Street, Comair Bldg or in the flat or villa that belongs to our vendor who wishes to sell his whole property. These auctions are open to the public and accessible by everyone, so you can just attend it to participate in bidding on-site.
When sale begins, the auctioneer announces each lot in numerical order as listed in the catalogue and then opens the bidding. Bidding progresses in sequentially higher increments (please note that the auctioneer may vary the increments at his or her discretion). To place a bid, simply raise your hand for the auctioneer to recognize your bid. If no one tops your bid, the auctioneer will state that the item is sold, then announce the hammer price.
If you can’t attend the auction, yet you are interested in it, we can represent you on-site during the auction. A trained staff member will call you from the saleroom and bid on your behalf. On the line with us, you’ll have the opportunity to follow the auction live and bid as much as you want through us. Please note that we do not accept phone biddings under USD 3,000 estimates.
To request a phone bidding on an upcoming auction, please check out the catalogue of an upcoming sale and email us or call us on +961(0)3872266
This solution allows you to participate in a sale even if you’re not available. By leaving an absentee bid, you let the auctioneer know, before the sale, that you want to offer a maximum amount on a lot. The auctioneer will bid on your behalf alternately against other bidders until the bidding ends. In the event that the other bidders drop out before reaching the full amount of your left bid, you will purchase the lot at the next increment.
If you wish to submit an absentee bid, you can contact us by phone or email. Please note that the completed and signed bid forms must be received by us at the latest 24h before the auction starts. Please note that your absentee bid will be effective only when you receive a confirmation email from us.
After the sale, we will contact you by phone or email to let you know whether you managed to acquire the lot or not. If you did, you are asked to settle the full amount of your invoice (hammer price and taxes) before withdrawing your lot immediately after the sale.